Hanuman Jayanti

Sri Hanumanji is respected all over India, individually or in connection with Sri Rama. In every temple dedicated to Rama there is an image – murti of Sri Hanuman. Hanuman is the Avatar of Lord Shiva. His father is Lord of the Wind, and his mother is Anjani Devi. He is called by other names as well: Pavanasuta, Marutsuta, Pavankumar, Bajrangabali i Mahavir.

He was the living incarnation of the power of Rama’s name, Ram-Nam, the ideal of the selfless work, a true Karma Yogi who worked dynamically and without any wishes. He was a great devotee and a Brahmachari. His service to Sri Rama was full of pure love and devotion, free from all expectations of the fruits of his work. He lived in order to serve. He was humble, brave, wise and had all divine qualities. He would do what others couldn’t – cross the ocean by repeating Rama’s name only, burn the city of Lanka and bring the holy plant Sanjivni that helped Lakshman to survive. He brought back Sri Rama and Lakshman from the underground world after killing Ahiravan. He never bragged about his courage and intelligence. Once he told Ravana: “I am a divine messenger of Sri Rama. I have come here to serve Rama, to do His work. I came here upon the call of Lord Rama. My lack of fear is Lord Rama’s mercy. I am not afraid of death. Death is welcome, as long as it comes while serving Lord Rama.” These words demonstrate how much Hahnuman was devoted to Lord Rama. He never said: “I am the brave Hanuman. I can do anything and everything.”

His birthday falls on Chitra Sukla Purnima – full moon day between March and April. On that holy day worship Sri Hanumanji, fast and read Hanuman Chalisa. Spend an entire day by repeating Rama’s name. Sri Hanuman Chalisa is a prayer to Hanuman composed by Tulsidas.

Podijeli !